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"Sustainable leadership reflects the emerging awareness among people who are choosing to live their lives and in a way that takes into account their impact on the planet, society and the health of local and global economies”
– Mary A. Ferdig


Welcome to Soft Condesa

We believe in people’s creativity. 

For this reason we have opened a space for unique objects made by contemporary artisans and designers that you can appreciate and love, supporting, at the same time, an ancient work and their communities. 

Our aim is to connect cultures, promote art and design thru a dynamic offer as a concept as well as a developed platform to promote the brands and the story behind them. 

Thank you for being part of this journey with us. 


Our Brands


is a brand of carpets and handmade textiles that was born in 2016 thanks to the passion of Nailea and Denisse Arnaiz for decorative objects.
In collaboration with artisans from the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico they make rugs, cushions and textiles from wool and cotton. Both materials are woven on a treadle loom, but only in the wool use the natural dyeing technique.
The design is made by two sisters together in their studio at CDMX, who seek to give the deserved importance to the work of the craftsmen with whom they collaborate, to enhance the techniques they use in their pieces: pedal loom and natural dyes.
Other main objective is to keep alive the knowledge and tradition of the artisan families. To exchange ideas and to have as a result a contemporary design as well as to make people aware of the importance of the origin and process of things.

of Argentine origin with Swedish Lebanese blood but with the Mexican soul, describes himself as a seeker. We present designer jewelry for elegance and high style, classic and modern, of women and men who choose to distinguish themselves for their exquisite taste in today’s world.

Lover of smooth shapes and inspired by the ethnic richness of our ancestors, true artists who knew how to interpret and capture the beauty and simplicity of Mexican nature in its maximum splendor, fused with creativity and imagination using for them as a base material Mexican silver, elaborated with traditional and modern techniques by Taxco craftsmen goldsmiths, recognized all over the world for their art, skill and quality, combining it with semiprecious stones, high quality woods and leather.

Each of its pieces is a sample of combination of design and tradition supported by the talent, quality and ductility of Taxco goldsmiths who have been the pillar for fifteen years for Nilson Nazar.



All Gala`s paintings were created by hands only without using brushes. Main sources of inspiration are nature and internal transformational processes associated with specific colors and symbols.  

The series “Flow”, which has been created through 2018-2020.

Gold is the dominant color of this series. In the ancient art of alchemy, the occult meaning of transformation the metals into gold symbolizes self-realization, and improvement. The world becomes a far different place, once a hidden knowledge is revealed.


  •  MACA

by Karla de la cerda

Cotton textiles made by Mexican artisans from Tlaxcala with wooden looms.
Embroidered borders and pompons of cotton thread (the same used to make the blankets) made by the designer Karla De La Cerda.

With this project Karla aims to help the artisans of Tlaxcala to raise their quality and sales. So far she has achieved this, generating a positive impact on their communities.

Thanks to you! 

Every piece is made with love, we hope you enjoy our work.


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